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[Nov. 3rd, 2008|10:30 am]
I'm aware that I look like a bridge troll in this photo, but all things considered, I still want to share it:

For Halloween, I was "attacked by a 6-foot-tall elderly white man who became enraged when he saw my Obama bumper sticker (or pin, depending on when you ask me)".

Paul went as "man with sweater and beard" and then took off the beard. Boooooo! And not the scary kind.

The next night, we went to another party and Paul went as Casual Iron Man-- he made a harness out of duct tape and designed a tap light for under his shirt. It was my turn for the lamest costume EVER-- Adam Sandler's Crazy Newspaper Unicorn Man. It also involved a duct tape harness, and avoiding low ceilings for the majority of the night.

Also, bison cheeseburgers happened, and I got to make guacamole two days in a row. It was a really good weekend and d;lfwqohsdofhsa;ljnfasljnfasjdfnsakdjfnsa;kjfnasdkfja.

[User Picture]From: enemabagjones
2008-11-03 06:54 pm (UTC)
When I saw the photo on your facebook, I knew instantly what crime had befallen you. This is my favourite topical costume since mikestupid was Mark Foley a couple years back (computer keyboard, necktie, wadded up Kleenexes).
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